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MASK a difference: why SHRAY is unique

by Amanda Chen |  | 3 comments


SHRAY masks are made of natural wood pulp, not wool or cotton artificial fiber.

Why natural wood pulp is better than other textures?

  1. Wool or cotton usually contain at least 50% of artificial plastic fiber which is not natural and may cause allergy.
  2. The fiber of wool or cotton texture are short and disorganized, as causes that masks cannot fit into the skin furrows. This fact minimizes the effectiveness of masks because masks cannot permeate essence into skin well and need more time to permeate essence.
  3. The theory of masks is that covering face well to increase skin temperature at least 1 Celsius degree, forcing pores open. Then skin has higher ability to absorb essence. However, wool / cotton masks cannot cover skin well, as affects this function that cannot rise skin temperature. Hence, wool / cotton masks cannot have higher performance than SHRAY masks.
  1. Wool or cotton masks are too heavy to drop off. So, users usually need to lay down there for at least 15 mins.


SHRAY is for each individual face

Special cut on chin can fit to each face perfectly. No matter you have big, small, square or round face! 

Do you still use those think and unmatched masks? Try SHRAY mask once, you are gonna love it!

Comments (3)

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