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Rose Oil & Cherry Extract: Your Natural Weapons Against Sunburns

by Cindy Sim |  | 1 comment

You drenched your skin in SPF and hid under your big summer hat all day, but for some reason after you come home from the beach, you realize the sun still left you some red-hot burns. It happens to all of us - no matter what precautions we take, if we bathe in the sun long enough we are bound to see some burns. Luckily, there are two natural weapons you can use to fight sunburn's redness: rose oils and cherry extracts! 

What is Rose Oil?

Rose oil is an essential oil extracted from roses through steam distillation that has many therapeutic properties like anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. It also has soothing properties that make it naturally moisturizing and hydrating for dry skin.

How rose oil works:
  • Citral: powerful antimicrobial that assists in the synthesis of vitamin A (essential vitamin for anti-aging). As we revealed in our previous photoaging newsletter, sun exposure can cause damages more permanent than redness, like premature aging, so this compound is important
  • Eugenol: one of the richest antioxidants in the world and helps relieve soreness and rashes.
  • Vitamin A: As mentioned above, rose oil is rich in this vitamin that is not only beneficial for anti-aging, but acts as an effective moisturizing that restores your skin's hydration to reduce the redness.

What is Cherry Extract?

Cherry extract is liquid that is extracted from cherries with strong anti-inflammatory properties. Some people attempt to benefit from these properties by consuming the fruit but for the anti-inflammatory properties to be most effective, it is best to apply the extract directly onto your skin.

How cherry extract works:
  • Vitamin C: Cherries are the richest fruits in vitamin C, which it what gives it powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Trace Elements: Cherry extract is rich in micro-ions like calcium and zinc that penetrate the blood vessels underneath your skin. These ions release the tension in your vessels by expanding them, which reduces its red appearance.

Life always throws surprises our way, and if one of those surprises is a nasty sunburn this summer then you're already equipped to fight back! But most importantly, keeping your skin hydrated at all times will lessen the severity of sunburns the best.

Consume water regularly, apply sunscreen generously, and take care of your skin with, for example, the Go-Getter Goddess mask, which is rich in rose oil, cherry extract, and most importantly, hydration!

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