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SHRAY Mask Microscope Experiment

by Hao Wei Chen |  | 1 comment

On a 400x powered microscope, we examined the skin under three separate conditions: unwashed skin succumbed to daily life, skin washed with water and allowed to air dry, and then water cleansed skin after a SHRAY mask was used.


Average # of Wrinkles per high powered field =92


Average # of Wrinkles per high powered field =21

Based on our results, when washing your skin with water, there is a mild hydration effect, meaning a 14% reduction in wrinkles. However, after using a SHRAY mask there is a massive 78% reduction in micro-wrinkles.

What does it all mean? Your skin can only absorb a finite amount of hydration when it is applied topically. Using the biotechnology in SHRAY, with our natural gauze mask and micro-sized particles, your skin absorbs 64% more and only in 10 minutes.

Comments (1)

  • Teressa Taylor on July 14, 2015

    How does it work on AFRICAN AMERICAN skin. My skin is very oily with some large deep pores.

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