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The Best Acne Remedies For Your Skin Type

by Amanda Chen |

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you may  be a victim of acne and nasty breakouts. You've read and heard about countless ways to treat acne, but have you considered how your specific skin type responds to these treatments? Here's how to treat your acne this summer based on what kind of skin you have:

Oily Skin

Oily skin is often genetic that is caused by the sebaceous gland that is controlled by testosterone. Seven to ten days before, the concentration of Lutein in the blood increases stimulating the sebaceous glands to secret more oil. The more oil your skin produces the more likelier it is for your pores to become clogged with acne-causing bacteria. 

Remedies: Use acne treating products that remove dead skin cells to minimize the chances of clogged pores AT LEAST once a week. Since oily skin likely reflects hormonal imbalance, some doctors recommend taking birth control pills in low dosages. The Queen Bee face mask is infused with honey which works as an effective anti-acne substance. You can also use some astringent products, like witch hazel or others containing Tannic acid, to reduce oil secretion.  

Dry Skin

If your skin is dehydrated, it will simultaneously cause the gland to secret oil to protect the skin. This is the reason that your skin feels oily and dry at the same time. Dry skin is still prone to acne, especially before menstruation 7~10 days while the skin is super dry but oily.

Remedies: Rid your face of dead dry skin by using gentle face exfoliators, like mud or clay masks, once a week. Face masks, such as the Ms. Amazing mask which is targeted for dry sensitive skin, are effective at hydrating the skin as well. We suggest you use twice a week. For pimples, you can apply acne-treatment balm on them. Or before going to bed, you can apply honey on pimples and then use band aid to seal it for one night. Next day, you will see that it matured enough to be squeezed out. After squeezing pus with Q-tips, you need to apply anti-inflammation cream, like Mentholatum, on the pimples. The squeezed-pimple takes 3~5 days to recover. 

Combination Skin

Those with combination skin often have drier cheeks and an oiler T-zone area. You will often see acne problems with the T-zone area.


Since your skin is a bit complicated, you should treat your skin the same way those with oily skin and those with dry skin do. Deep clean once a week with gentle exfoliators, like mud or clay. After exfoliator, use cream or lotion for the whole face. But for your T-zone, we suggest you apply astringent products containing witch hazel or English marigold. Combination skin also needs deep hydration at least once a week. You can use either Ms. Amazing or Queen Bee. For pimples, the tips are the same as dry skin. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you understand your skin type more and guide you in treating your acne in smarter ways. Of course, no matter what skin type you have, everyone can avoid acne by doing simple things like eating a balanced diet (antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables) and staying hydrated. Don't let breakouts ruin your summer break!

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