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About SHRAY Face Masks

What are SHRAY Masks?

Soft natural wood pulp masks soaked in a silky serum designed to HYDRATE, repair, and boost your skin metabolism. You will see plump, healthy, youthful, glowing skin.


Why doesn’t my lotion hydrate?

The answer is simple, because it’s not supposed to! Lotions and creams are designed to form a barrier on the skin. They can help you from losing more moisture, but they don’t put the water back that you’ve lost. The skin is your largest organ and is in a delicate balance with your internal hydration level. If you are dehydrated, so is your skin.

 Water loss happens when you….

  • Drink caffeine (like coffee, tea, soda)
  • Exercise (sweating)
  • Drink alcohol (like beer, wine, liquor)
  • Go outside in sun, wind, cold (this one is the hardest to avoid!)
  • Don’t drink enough water


Why do I need SHRAY Masks?

SHRAY Face Masks exists so you don’t have to give up your life (enjoy that morning coffee) to get healthy skin. According to medical research, skin should be 50-60% water content.

Skin Hydration Level

Healthy Skin

Average Level

After Lotion


Water Content of  Face






 SHRAY research has shown that on average people’s water content is well below normal, at 30%.  After a 10 minute SHRAY Face Mask, water content in skin went well into the normal range, with an average of 56%.  Check out our microscope experiment in our blog to see the results for yourself!


How does SHRAY help my skin?

Hydration restores your skins metabolism so it runs at optimal levels. It’s like adding oil to an engine so your car runs smoothly.


Which mask is right for me? 

I have...

Aging Skin: Your skin is dull and sagging more than it used to. There are wrinkles forming around your eyes and mouth.

      What mask should I use?

  • Go-Getter Goddess-dry, wrinkly, sagging skin


Sun-damaged skin: You spent a little too much time in the sun or tanning bed in the past. Your skin is speckled with brown spots, is thinner, and wrinkles easily.

      What mask should I use?

  • Go-Getter Goddess- Pigmented spots, thin, damaged skin


Oily skin: You’re over producing oil because your skin is getting a signal that it’s dry. Hydrating with SHRAY Masks will help reset the proper water-oil balance, and skin becomes less oily.

      What mask should I use?

  • Queen Bee- Oily and acne prone
  • Go-getter Goddess- Oily, with/without rosacea, sun damaged, aging skin
  • Ms. Amazing- Oily with very sensitive skin


Acne skin: You house the bacteria that causes acne, which leads to infection and to inflammation. Hydration will help restore skin’s natural protective barrier, which helps heal current blemishes faster and prevent future breakouts.

      What mask should I use?

  • Queen Bee- white heads, cystic acne, hormonal acne


Dry Skin: You have had dry skin your entire life, and no lotion seems to help. Hydration with SHRAY will finally add the moisture back that your skin is missing and lotion is unable to add.

      What mask should I use?

  • Queen Bee- dry and acne prone
  • Go-getter Goddess- dry sun-damaged, aging skin
  • Ms. Amazing- dry with sensitive skin