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Mask Theory

Occlusive Dressing Treatment  is a dressing that prevents air from reaching a wound or lesion and that retains moisture, heat, body fluids, and medication. It can consist of a sheet of thin plastic affixed with transparent tape.

Our facial masks are inspired by and utilize Occlusive Dressing Treatment (ODT), normally used in the medical field. The cloth, made from very fine natural wood pulp fiber, covers the whole face to increase the temperature of the surface skin. While the skin temperature is raised up to force the pore open, the active ingredients penetrate facial skin cells easily.

Poorly hydrated skin, as proven by countless scientific articles, are to blame for skin sensitivity, acne, and wrinkles, among a slew of other skin maladies. That’s why facial masks, with their permeating, re-hydrating properties, are the best elixir for most problematic skin issues.